Christmastime is here…

Well, almost anyway. But while I am baking pies for Thanksgiving and feeling excited about hosting 17 adults and children in my 1200 square foot home, I am thinking about how much God does for us each and every year.

Only one more full day before I put on Christmas music 24/7 and decorate my home in ways that remind me of our Savior’s Birth (even though I know it was not in December- yada yada, I love Jesus anyway)

I am part of the listening team for one of the local stations and they sent 199 Christmas song clips to vote on and what I realized is just how much I am drawn to the classics: Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra around  Christmas. The newer songs on the radio are ok, but they do not spark the sentiments from my Childhood like the “oldies do”. However, in the room listening with me were my kids and they DID like the new Toby Mac Christmas songs and I realized that have a brand new generation to show the world of Mannheim Steamroller and Trans-Siberian Orchestra while we sing along to a new version of Oh Come All Ye Faithful together.

I will always LOVE the classics, but it is exciting to learn new songs along with my kiddos too.

Christmas is all about bringing back memories that are comforting and about making brand new ones for future generations!


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