DIY (thrifty) Disney Shirts with Freezer Paper

I know I have not updated much of anything on our Disney Vacation plans and that is becasue we are still in the planning process. Yes- I know, we have 51 days left and I am still planning things out.


We REALLY wanted to get a pop-up camper and stay at Fort Wilderness but our vehicle is not reliable enough to drive that far, much less towing a trailer so we will be staying at POP Century!

We started working with an AMAZING Disney Agent back in 2012 when we thought about a trip, but with my husband being in school full-time and our income pretty much being halved, we put the trip on hold. (And I am grateful for it because of some random things that happened in 2013 and 2013)

Let me tell you, I have questioned and flip flopped on our plans and Amanda has been so great and answered our questions so fast.

If you are heading to see The Mouse, talk to her FIRST. You can find her on her website

So, as you know, I like to DIY for a number of reasons, it is personal, custom and thrifty.

Did you know that Disney is crazy expensive? Yeah. Really.

But I don’t want to be lame-o on my kids and make them wear just their normal clothes while we are there. (Mainly because I don’t want to spend $25 on a Minnie Mouse tee shirt that my daughter sees because she is in a plain pink shirt).

My girls have been blessed, I scored 4 shirts on Craigslist for $5 and took two of them in on the sides to make them fit my 4 year old, all three kids got Disney shirts from their Uncle for Christmas and Lily already had a Frozen shirt  and a Fly a Kite shirt she had outgrown. That evened it out to 4 shirts for each girl. My son has 4 cars shirts but I only put one in the Disney box (ie the box in my closet that I am tossing stuff into for our trip so I don’t lose it) and my husband and I only have 1 each.

*My husband’s shirt is from our honeymoon at Disney where he only packed himself a set of nice clothes for dinner, underwear and his overnight bag. He had to go buy shorts and a Mickey Tee in the parks and rotated between that and the clothes he wore on the plane (which was a JUST MARRIED Tee shirt and his clothes from before our wedding)

After a quick trip to our local thrift store on a half off day, I scored 3 shirts for me and 3 for my son and used freezer paper to make stencils.

disney thrifty shirts


I traced the images onto freezer paper by printing an image and putting it under the freezer paper (you know, like when you were in 3rd grade) and my amazing husband cut them out with a razor blade.

I then ironed the stencil shiny side down to the shirts and using multi-purpose acrylic and a foam brush, dabbed the paint onto the tee. I used the same rule as painting trim and removed the freezer paper while the image was still damp.


They are positively perfect in every way.

DIY disney shirts

The pink striped shirt was one of mine that had a stain on the front. I still have an aqua shirt needing a “Frozen” theme and I am going to do my son’s shirts and my husband’s next. Probably Star Wars, Olaf and a bearded Mickey.


My graphic designer husband approves my shirts (as long as he gets to design his own)


Have you ever made your own vacation shirts?


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