We are going to DISNEY WORLD!

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.25.03 PM

The countdown has begun! My husband and I went for our honeymoon and planned to go every 4 years on our anniversary (leap day wedding).

But things do not always go as planned so we have not been back since 2004! The kids will be 2, 4, 7 when we go which will be such a fun age to enjoy everything AND we will only have to pay for a family of 5 because Finn will not be 3 yet. Frugal Mama Win!

I have been going crazy on Pinterest looking for road trip tips because we will be driving the 16-20 hour  trip to Florida from Texas with 3 kids in the car.

Over the next few months I will be gathering my supplies and crafts and meal ideas for the trip and I only have 6 months to do so.

This is a frugal, healthy, DIY, God worshipping blog after all.

The main categories I will be working on will be:

  • Meals
  • Road Trip Snacks
  • Road Trip Boredom Busters and Mapped Plan
  • DIY Family Tees for Disney
  • Save my $ Disney Gear and Toys
  • and other odds and ends

I already have my container to start storing, I just need to get my ideas in order and start planning what to work on first.

Our kids are so excited to finally get to go to Disney so we will be also incorporating some fun things into our Homeschool year. I am particularly excited to work on mapping before the trip so Lily can tell her siblings where we are and help countdown the time to arrival.

Speaking of time of arrival- Chloe asks me every day if we go to Disney “Tomorrow”, so I made this basic, frugal, easy count down timer for them to visualize.

There are so many on Pinterest but I needed to use what I had on hand and I wanted something that was tactile so my 2 and 4 year old could participate as well. I also like visually being able to take down days so you get more excited as you get closer to the day!

The ears start at 27 WEEKS until Disney World. Once the ears get to 4 weeks, the last ear is glued to the black paper and when they remove that sheet, the one below it starts over at 30 DAYS to go. They keep removing the ears which I glued to crepe paper to make it easy to tear off and I can use the ears again for a road trip craft counter I am going to work on.

6 months seems like so far away but I know the time will go by quickly and I would like to have the craft items done in 5 months so I can just plan the food and packing  the last 4 weeks (or 30 days as the counter goes).

Disney Countdown

What tips do you have for a family to go to Disney World or on any long Road Trip?



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