Make a place for Spontaneous worship

As I am having my morning time of worship- with Worship Mob’s cover of Forever playing on my computer- I am singing “Let your name be lifted higher” and I am in the middle of communicating with the Creator and Father. In this time of worship, the lines of communication are open- I speak and sing to him the words he gave me, and he ushers me along in my heart. Sometimes I get a vision or a word or he tells me something I need or directs me to do something. Sometimes I think he just sits back and listens, soaking in all my worship and even my cries.

Worship does not work when it is scripted. God is not answering a telemarketer’s call of adoration.

I have been in so called worship services where the songs are in perfect order, there need be no hand signs from the worship leader because they do the songs just as they are on the radio, stanza verse, chorus and break. No freedom of expression and certainly no room for spontaneous worship. They are concerts, maybe their hearts are worshipping but the outward expression is flat, scripted and stale.

When I visit these churches, I long for just a moment where I can allow the music to settle and the spirit of God to show up in the worship…but there is no chance to make our praises his throne because we have been shuffled onto the next verse as the sheet music page is turned. I wonder what would happen IF true worship started happening and God started doing wonders and signs? How many people would leave and never return out of fear? How many would finally get the encounter they were looking for and leave changed forever?

Worship is the most important part and I dare say, the best part, of  going to church. The message is good, but it is not FOR GOD. It is for you. Church has become for man and has fallen away from the church of old where people gathered together to offer sacrifices for their sins and in thankfulness. Now people just want to hear about the cross without actually laying down any worship.

But oh! What if we looked up from the music set for a moment and turned our ear towards heaven? What if we looked at Jesus instead of the crowd and sang the songs to Him?

What if we sang a song from our heart that someone in the congregation would catch and sing along with? Maybe even a song that had nothing to do with the song being played?

What if we allowed the words of a song to just be a stepping stone for us to sing scripture- the living word- back to THE Living Word?

As worship leaders, we get so caught up in “leading people” to Jesus, we don’t give them the chance to start actually walking in worship themselves. 

God longs for worshippers that are willing to press in, push back and call heaven down. Worshippers that want to see the supernatural, that want to see His glory in all it’s fullness. God wants to see us looking for him. He has tuned his ears to be able to hear us above the angels that do nothing but sing “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty who was and is, and is to come” … If we are only singing the same chorus together to a song that we have heard 20 other times and sang at least 10, we allow our voices to get lost in the din.

But even more powerful, is your spontaneous worship in your own home, your car or even your workplace!

My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth for the courts of the LORD: my heart and my flesh crieth out for the living God. Psalms 84:2

Your souls LONGS for the living God, we are created to sing yes in unity as a church, but also in times of individual adoration, because God is that good- he CAN and will listen to all of us at once.

That blows my mind. In a church service of 200 people all worshipping him spontaneously, it draws him to come down and visit with us and he can take individual time with all 200 worshippers right there in that moment.

Ah, but one day, that moment will last forever.

Via Daniel Cantu
Via Daniel Cantu



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