It’s time to kick off my very first series:

Challenge of the Month

What-? a monthly goal setting challenge mid-way through the year…why not January?

I am glad you asked!

August is our summer break/curriculum revamping and since we moved in May, I have a whole lot of stuff to think about for our school year. I barely stuck it out the last 2 months because I still had things in boxes, did not know where to set anything and just ran out of steam. We are year ’round homeschoolers anyway so I knew in August I would be taking a full month off from school. What a perfect time to refresh and get my mind on a goal-setting train?

Besides- how many of us are way past our New Year’s Resolutions and have fallen off all of them? (raise your hand).

So- enter the Challenge of the Month. Each month I will be challenging myself to complete a new goal/item/task/etc with the focus of bettering myself as a wife, woman, mama, sister, leader, worshipper, and overall child of God.

To dip my feet in the water (and yours too if you want to join up!) I wanted to start off with something SO simple.

But OH so hard for me.

So here goes. Starting today (or maybe even tomorrow)…



I know! This is not an entire monthly challenge. But I am going to start with 24 hours and here is the catch- if I say ANYTHING complaining or negative for that 24 hours- I have to start all over again.

I am betting it takes me a few days before I can really hold my tongue.


Feel free to give it a go and come back and comment about it! 

Were you able to go a full 24 hours without complaining about the weather, the traffic, the noise, kids arguing, ministry leaders, ministry people, the sound on Sunday morning, the set list, dinner…


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