Heart of David Worship Festival, how powerful is our worship?

I am still in awe and filled with joy after the weekend we experienced.

Our worship ministry attended a 3 day event here in Austin Texas hosted by Rick Pino, called the Heart of David Worship Festival.

The event started on Thursday with wonderful worship from Matt Gilman and a group of worshippers all from different states and churches. The presence of God in the church house was evident as soon as we got there. You could literally feel the thickness of it all. There were banners of praise flying high, people dancing in the spirit. I could almost get a feel for what worship was actually like as the Israelites walked through the desert and God met them. I could imagine how the first festivals would have been when people seemed to almost be closer to God.

All around were people from different places and backgrounds lifting up the Man on the Throne. There were youth, elders, mothers, fathers, siblings, spouses, all with one thing in common: The King.

Rick kicked off the night explaining what the Heart of David was and why they had come to Austin. We are considered the Live Music Capitol and he stated that there is a group of worshippers longing to change that to the Live Worship Capitol, where night and day people would be singing songs of adoration, of worship to Jesus.

He went on to talk about how powerful our worship is.

Are you truly looking for something to happen in your family-? Sing over them in worship.

Do you need a miracle for your life? Sing over it.

When we take the words of God and sing them back to Him, we are in agreement with Him and wherever we are, we turn that place into a sanctuary and a throne room. We remove ourselves and lift up our praises and He makes his home on our praises. (Psalms 22)

Right now, God is so in love with us still that he desires for us to look at him! To sing to Him. He desires all nations to turn their hearts and eyes and ears back to him. His day of wrath is not here yet and as worshippers, we must have a heart for those nations as well.

We need to sing over the nations in turmoil right now just as much as we sing over our family and friends.

One thing that he said stood out to me in such a powerful way. He talked about churches that spend so much time in spiritual warfare, trying to call down the little demons and principals, coming against the spirits in the church. He said we are basically giving them notice- why not just lift up God on a bigger throne and let Him push them out of the way?! (Spiritual Warfare is effective, but put the focus on Christ and allow Him to do the fighting). This meant so much to me because I always felt like this is not my area of power (coming against principalities) and I realized that I don’t need to focus like that, I just need to lift up the Throne of God in the spiritual realm and allow HIM to be bigger).

The altar call was for us to have a heart like David, a heart to see God and to pursue Him. My husband and I stood hand in hand at that altar, surrounded by ordinary people longing for God also. And I know that the angels joined with us as we prayed for it to be on earth as in heaven. In heaven, there are elders singing holy, a creature singing holy holy holy is the Lord.

The next day had 3 sessions (I only made it to one though). Jose Diaz spoke on worship from a different perspective as he is not a singer, yet he understands how powerful our worship is.

He spoke with such passion for the things of God that you could tell he lived that life and was not just a motivational speaker.

He said that we worship and life a holy life because God is worth it. He made a point to say that he does not want anything in his life to keep him away from Jesus. That sin that makes us have an odor!

“I’m not pressing to live holy because I’m so bad, I’m pressing to live holy because God is so good!” -Jose Diaz


There was so much from this weekend and I felt so refreshed. We are in a place of change and also stagnation on our team. We have tried for months and even years to “fix things” with schedules and new songs, old songs, new lighting and so many other things that we took all the focus off what we were there for: to be Davidic Reformers


There is a man on the throne and every song is written about him and every song is song for Him.

If your team has never attended a worship festival or even gone to another church to experience worship- DO IT! We sometimes get pulled into the musical aspect and forget the worship experience.

If you or someone you know would like to get deeper into worship with God, the Heart of David is a 3 month internship based in Austin Texas.








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