I love when I find something new in creation

Did you know God made GREEN BEES?

We didn’t either!

My husband and Father-In-Law were replacing the fuel pump on my Tahoe and they got buzzed by this little guy.

My husband swatted at him but did not kill him at least.

One of the best things about being a faith-driven homeschool family is wanting to know more about God’s creation! As we gathered around, we commented on what it was “hornet? wasp? bee?”

To me it looked like a bee, so on a whim I Googled <green bee> and found that it was a type of sweat bee. They are very common and attracted to sweat, but not aggressive. They would rather sit on you and lick your sweaty arm (eww) than sting!


My girls said “God makes such cool stuff!” Be still my mama heart.



Isn’t it pretty?!


Have you even seen a green bee?

Have you recently discovered something you didn’t know excited in creation?


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