Give him meat

My husband is a MAN. And he loves meat and potatoes and all things rugged and manly.

I have run the gambit with different dietary restrictions over the past 10 years we have been married. We have gone from eating whatever we could afford as newlyweds, which included rice from a box (flavoring already included), lots of eating out because we had no kids, and ramen (fancied up of course), to organic whole foods, soaked, sprouted, soured, fermented and local.

We tried gluten free for a month. And I have banned all HFCS and Food coloring in my house. (I don’t even give it to the hummingbirds outside)

I have developed a reputation as the organic girl. Quite literally.

The running joke is that my family won’t eat it if it isn’t organic. (And that is true for 80% of the time) Now, don’t get me wrong, when we are at a fellowship or someone else’s home, we eat what we are served-with exceptions-. I will not eat foods with MSG because I can’t handle them anymore. I have learned to politely decline or take a spoonful only because not everyone is on the same journey as I am…and I used to open the same can of cream of chicken soup and toss it in my casseroles too…

I am still loosely following Trim Healthy Mama because it works, it can be adapted to real food and I love that there are foods that I can eat that are sweet without being unhealthy and sugary.

But right now, my family is trying to eat traditional. Not 1950’s traditions, more like BC-1800’s traditional. And people start to think that all I feel my family is raw milk and salads grown from my garden or bought at Sprouts in the organic section. I mean, I DO feed them those things, but we are not vegan/vegetarian either. That is an area that I have never been able to tamper with in the kitchen.

My man loves meat.

Last week at a meeting that turned into a fellowship over ribs, our Pastor posted a picture on my Facebook feed of my husband gleefully eating ribs and rice and drinking a root beer. The joke was that he was backsliding and eating meat. It was a fun time of laughing about what I do and do not feed my husband and family.

But I posted “Don’t let him lie to you! I feed him meat”.

As a woman in my home, a Proverbs 31 Woman. I desire to nourish my family by what they eat. I know that that their nutrition is priceless (and can get expensive). But I also know that my husband is king of this castle and what he wants is meat and “real bread”.

So I work hard to find the balance and we eat meat as much as we can. Chicken is cheaper but is not my hubs favorite, so I have to really dress it up. It is a good day when I hear “that chicken was really good”, because I know I have done well.

I work hard to be a good wife and feed my husband well.

It is a sad day when I send him to work with a salad because I know he has eaten badly all week long and needs a break to detox. But I also know that my husband is conscious of his weight and health. So I make sure if he has a salad or simple soup for lunch, dinner is hearty and meaty and manly.

Yesterday our Pastors came over to see our new home and to visit. Corey told them we were making meatloaf and potatoes. I wanted to make my husband proud that he does in fact eat well.

When we sat down to eat, Pastor joked “Is this organic?”.

and I smiled big and said “Yes, actually it is”. And it was delish! The men both had seconds.

Yes, I will feel my husband meat and potatoes.

But he still can’t spray the yard with pesticides…




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