Going year ’round with Homeschool

This has been a super busy year for us. We started our first official year of homeschooling with a 1st grader and a Tot in PK.

We have been using My Father’s World first grade for Lily and some preschool workbooks and printables from Christian at Confessions of a Homeschooler. I really liked how MFW is laid out for me. I know what I am doing day by day and all the lessons are truly centered around Our Father.

But as easy as the curriculum has been…

we are only on day 79


This is the board we had in the kitchen area. It is ironically missing the calendar that I was going to take a picture of for this post. But the rest sums up this year: There is a Christmas coffee mug, a dead ipad, a mirror, earrings, tape and a book that I was supposed to return to a friend before we moved. This is the state of the office right now, that I promised my husband would not turn into homeschool overflow…

In November, we took an entire month off because the ceiling of our home fell in and we had to move out for the month. Because my mother in law is also a teacher, I was mixing up my curriculum with her stuff, so I decided just to put the kids on hold. We did lots of reading and online work stuff. And PE.

The week we moved back in, we prepared for Thanksgiving, so I took time to cook and prep. We measured and they helped me mix things in the kitchen. We did Home Ec.

Then came Christmas. My whole plan from the beginning was to take off December for family time and doing Advents, but because we already were behind, we trudged through as best as we could. And here and there was nursing my son, dance on Wednesdays which ended up being free days, sick days for the kids (and me) and the occasional day where I just did not get around to any schooling.

Fast forward to February. My Grandmother had a severe stroke and my aunt, uncle and I rotated through staying with her in the hospital and rehab for a month. Staying for 2 days at at time, I was too weary to do schooling when I was home. So I slept alot. The kids went to their Grandparents house for a week and had a blast and my dad did some math with them.

In March we started looking for a home because we were approved for a loan finally !  And with decluttering, packing, and finally the move, we did so little actual school work that I feel like my kids may be receding!

But you know what-? That is the freedom to school how I want and to do what works for our family. We are not going to take off an entire summer anyway, so I will keep doing the workbooks from My Father’s World, keep adding in some science and math and we will do loads of reading with our new library card in our new town.

We are only behind if we quit right?

Do you school year round or do you end the school year in June or May?



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