Keeping our kids innocent in a sensual world

keep our kids innocent title

I am the mother of two beautiful girls that have blue eyes and blonde hair and light up a room when they walk it. They spin and dance and twirl and sing and talk and they love Jesus.

And I get offended when people see pictures and call them “future heartbreakers”!

That suggests that one day my girls are going to play the field, date around or get caught up in all the “boyfriend drama” that supposedly comes with normal growing up. I am training my kids now that there was no such things as “boyfriend and girlfriend” in the bible because that is not God’s way. If I raise them not expecting to need or want a boyfriend, then they won’t wonder if every boy they know is a potential dating candidate. That is something I read in a great article from a teenager that never rebelled. 

My girls are innocent right now and I plan on preserving that innocence as long as I can and teaching them to remain pure and value who they are in Christ alone. I have to show them the faults in the world’s logic and, when they are old enough, show them how girls are being sexualized at an early age.


This year, God opened the door for us to join a homeschool dance group. This was my youngest daughter’s first dance class ever. It was so fun watching her try to skip around the room and for the first 3 classes, she could not do any move without her tongue sticking out.  This also was my oldest daughter’s first year experiencing competition.  She is a natural ballerina, but does not like to be on the spot, so I was afraid she would freeze up on stage in front of everyone.  We had the talk about who she was really dancing for so she didn’t have to get nervous at the lights and people.

To her, it simply meant being on the stage and dancing for Jesus.


These girls are silly in class, want to spin and twirl and be girly. They want to play dolls and they all bring a toy to class to watch them dance. They are innocent and sweet and cranky at times. They have fun and did not join their team to beat anyone, or show off. They were excited to make new friends that also homeschool (because we are a weird bunch sometimes). They get distracted and talk and forget what they were doing. They are typical girls enjoying life.


But to some of the girls and coaches from the other groups, it meant flaunting little girls on the stage to win an award. At one point a group came out on the stage wear

ing pig-tails, mini skirts and fishnets, supposedly portraying “school girls”. They proceeded to dance to a song compilation which included a VERY racy and raunchy Beyonce song that I would never -ever- allow my girls to listen to, much less dance to. One of the moms and I exchanged very wary glances and she commented that the words of that song we so inappropriate. These girls, which were very talented, had basically become strippers all because someone had the audacity to say it was ok, because it was for a competition.

A competition that 4, 5 and  year olds were watching, and dancing in, and listening to. No child should ever dance to a song that says “touch me “. My 6 year old said “mom, they are showing their bellies”.

And she was not impressed at all.


I was angered at that team’s dance teacher that forgot these girls were 12 and not 21. I was angry at the Competition for allowing that song to be a choice and for not excluding them or making rules on the attire… but then I realized who was actually at fault there.


Their parents paid for these girls to compete with that team and with that song. Maybe the teacher had the right to pick the song, but she could not force your child to compete with her.

What are these parents hoping to gain by letting their babies swivel their hips and blow kisses and strut in mini skirts? Because it won’t be pretty when they are 16 and dressing like that!

Matthew 8:16 says  “Whoever causes one of these little ones* who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

As much as it saddened me and my group of homeschooling mamas to see these kids flaunted like that, I know it saddened God more. The parents and teacher caused those children to commit lust with their bodies. These girls are being trained in the art of enticement, which is a form of witchcraft.

They are learning the lie that their bodies are made to be used as a tool to get ahead in life and that being popular and hip is the way to go.

One by one each of us moms sought out our dance teacher and thanked her whole heartedly for picking appropriate songs and costume for our kids.

I told her “Thank you for not sexualizing our children” She said ” I know! That is why we won’t win first place, but that is ok”


Our “little” homeschool group DID take 1st and also 2nd place in that division. One of the soloist won 1st place and got an award for her costume too.

Our Juniors dressed in daisy dresses dancing to Toby Mac’s Favorite Song and our Minis in polka-dots dancing to Lullaby Broadway won the highest of all the spots in their class.

I can’t tell you how loud I yelled  and clapped when they announced FLEX HOMESCHOOL DANCE  CENTER because I was proud to be part of a team that is happy to let kids be kids. And this was not limited to our little ones.

 Good clean choreography paid off. Having fun and just being girls paid off.  Dancing for Jesus paid off. Innocence paid off.


Are your kids involved in dance;  do your kids notice a difference in their dances versus some other ones?


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