Boxes ate our living room…because we are buying our FIRST HOME.

boxes ate

My husband and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary on February 28/Mar 1 (We celebrate 2 days because we married on leap day in ’04!)

10 days later we got the news that we were approved for our USDA DIRECT loan and could go shopping!

Let me tell you! The timing God has is amazing. We started looking at homes the year we were married. We were both working and made decent money and wanted to start a family. This was in 2004, when interest rates were around 7-8%. We were approved for a 100,000 loan at 8%. Looking at an 85,000 home, we were going to spend around $860 just on the home, not the insurance. We were young, excited and naive. The realtor kept talking us into a bigger payment and the lender (who was the realtor’s buddy) got us a “great deal” on an ARM loan. We had done no research or shopping around, we were just happy someone was going to give us a loan to buy a home.

We were looking in an area that our friends lived in, which would have been about 35-45 minutes away from our home church. We were already making that drive, so we didn’t figure another 10 minutes would matter. much.

So we put in an offer on a house for $83,000. They countered at $85,000 and we countered again. Then the realtor called and said “I have never had this happen to me before- they took another offer that was lower than yours.”

We realized that was God telling us to close that door and wait.

So we rented a duplex in that area. We got pregnant, we miscarried and then we moved down to South Austin to be closer to our home church and our spiritual connections. We rented an apartment, got pregnant and miscarried again and knew why God had moved us closer to our church family. We were in need of growth and stability that would keep us going forward when we didn’t understand why our family was not growing yet.

We rented in three places while down south and had 3 children (all born at home), and so many things have happened while we were here!

I became a stay-home mama to 3 kids. I was working part time with my midwife until my son was born, then I came home because I could not work with 3 little ones under my feet.This was a huge drop in our income.

My husband lost his job at the hospital due to the medical records department going digital so he took the leap and went back to school and got his degree in Web and Interactive Design. During that stretch, we had our 2nd baby and got pregnant and had our 3rd and final child. We were living off faith, unemployment, student aid and the little bit of money I made part time.

Had we bought that home so long ago, we would have :

a- quit attending our church because of the drive

b-lost it because of our financial changes

c-not experienced the JOY in moving with 3 kids that have been praying for a house with a big yard.

The memories we are making right now as we pack and plan with our kids is amazing. They are seeing God move right before their eyes. They are seeing us save money and pray for things that we don’t have. They see our faith in action and God meet these needs. They would not have this if they were born into a home we bought as newlyweds.

God’s timing is so perfect. This house is going to be perfect. It is what we wanted. What we need. Where we can grow and bless others.

I almost forgot!

We locked in the rate at 3.75%. The program we are using also has a rate subsidy, so our payment will be  around $820 per month- $40 more than we currently pay for rent. On a $148,000 home. When 8 years ago we were going to pay MORE for an $85,000 home!!!

We close on May 23rd by God’s grace and I am so nervous! But I know that God is moving us forward and opened this door. (Which we are going to paint red!)

Any tips for packing, because seriously, we have 16 days to go and the boxes have eaten the living room!


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