Why we have a home based business

When I decided to become a stay home mom, I knew that meant less income. But that did not mean I had to sit around and not bring in anything!

I have tried some work at home gigs. Some were silly- you had to log in at a specific time and fight for a time slot to work. I would end up only being able to get 30 minutes a week to work which did nothing but make me irritated at having to work for 30 minutes on a Saturday at 10 per hour.

Then I had a job where I called apartments to find out information about them. This job was similar to secret shopping, so I always felt like I was lying because I had to make up some story about moving in from out of town and was interested in their amenities. I always had a few follow ups and had to tell them we choose another place or we had a change of plans. I do not like lying at all, so when I got the notification to sign up for another season, I declined.

For the past 3 years, I worked for a company that is contracted by Google to do research and rating. I enjoyed the job and the pay was significant. But then I had my 3rd kid.

Did you know that having kids warps your brain? Yes! And did you know that your attention span when you are a mom of 3 kids under the ages of 6 is so small that you really can’t spend 4 hours per day working at the same tasks over and over and over again. My ratings dropped and I was let go (Thank you Jesus!) I really was glad to be done with that job…but it posed a new problem- now we were missing an extra $500 per month.

I knew that we needed something that would bring in a part time income, but also, would allow me to have the tax breaks that I had being a contracted agent for the last company. I needed a legitimate home based business so I could have my home office again.

And God gave me that! I posted a few months ago about changing coffee and how it saves us on taxes.   If we had not decided to join SOZO as an Independent Distributor, we would have had a significant increase in the taxes we owed. But the business deductions that we have as business owners allow us build a part time business with full time benefits!.

There are so many opportunities for you to find a home-based business. Even having an Etsy store, if you do it correctly, can save you on your taxes. Scentsy has a wonderful business plan for women and moms, but it was not for me. I wanted something that I could do with my husband and other married couples and also can get together with my girlfriends and work a business as moms.

That is what SOZO gives me. Another reason I choose this business is that it is a FIRST to offer

-Fully paid insurance benefits, including medical and dental

-Retirement and 401K plan

-A way to keep track of your taxes and finances as a Distributor.


The thing that makes SOZO so different from any other network marketing company is the fact that all their products have coffeeberry in them. And SOZO has the exclusive rights to market the coffeeberry. This means no competition from any other company. No one else can use coffeeberry, which has 600X the antioxidant power of blueberries!


If you are interested in knowing more about this company, please take a look at their website (affiliate link to my page)




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