Heaven Come Down



What is our worship for?

When the seeker comes to church, or the one that knew God at one time, or maybe has come from a different religious background-what are we giving them?

They come in looking for something. They are seekers because they are seeking something: truth, hope, deliverance, restoration, maybe peace.

Those things are part of what they are looking for, but they may not fully know what it is they need. Those things are by-products of something bigger. Someone Bigger. Those things come after they have an encounter with God Almighty.


We are not tasked with telling them a story ABOUT God. We are not there to quote scripture alone or to sing the latest song that uses loops and dynamics and synth with rotating echoing vocals.

We are there to bring heaven down to earth so they can MEET GOD.

That happens in supernatural worship. And it should happen every time we worship. That is WHAT worship is.

We should pine for the seeker or congregant- all souls- to experience God in a fresh new way. Just like when your spouse or child or family member shows you a side of them you never saw before and it entices you to curiosity of who they really are.

When a new person comes in, the songs may be catchy and stick in their hearts and minds later. They may be filled with scripture and revelation and that is good, great even, because God’s word never returns void. BUT…

Did they encounter God? Did they ask Him to come into their heart? Did they get what they came looking for on a Sunday morning? Did we show them that we don’t gather in a building to reminisce about what God used to do and used to be, but we gather to experience Him. We gather to fellowship with Him in His presence. Did we introduce them to God in person?

I don’t want to be a “skilled worshipper” only. I want to be the worshipper that enters into the holy of holies. That is not afraid to see a burning bush. That looks for the glory cloud and listens for God’s voice. I want to expect something supernatural to happen each service. I want to worship God so loudly and passionately that the seeker is not a seeker anymore- but they are a finder

Corey and I during an altar call
Corey and I during an altar call

And they are found in God’s undeniable presence.



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