When did cussing become ok in Christianity?

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Anyone from my generation knows EXACTLY who this is and why he has that soap in his mouth. 

I was browsing my normal blog roll- perusing some of the shared postings from the weekend  and clicking “you may like” posts when I saw a post by a pastor dad. The post was about not believing the lie that God won’t give you more than you can handle. I though “yay- this will be encouraging and from a guy’s perspective”.

The post started out listing a pretty rough patch in his family which I would have also found frustrating and hard.

And then he pulled the BS word. And yes- he used the full word, in bold.

I could not finish reading the post or even the scripture that was posted right after it because I was still hung up on my mind reading that word. Even read silently- it was still resonating in my spirit.

I glanced through the comments to see if anyone else had the same feeling, but the comments were basically christians bashing each other for being judgmental and giving quoted advice etc.

So I thought, “wel, those are his convictions I guess”. But I could not help but wonder if he had ever used that word over the pulpit in his preaching. I mean, if it is ok to write the word in your blog, why not use it as a punch line in your sermon. And then follow it up with a scripture on faith…to fit in.

And on another blog, I found a post that looked like it would be interesting- a not so perfect Christian. (Yay, like me! I am so messed up all the time it seems)

And her blog was funny and sounded laid back and real.

And then she too, used the same word. 

So I browsed her blog. It seems that using foul words has become normal in come of the “hip and cool” churches. As long as you are talking about Jesus, why not ask someone if this dress makes your a– look big. And sure, you can refer to your fellow girlfriends in ministry as your B’s. I mean- judge not lest ye be judged right? Judging is for those old-school conservative churches that don’t really get in the trenches.

And my spirit is so unsettled.

You see, before I dedicated my life to Christ, I had a FOUL mouth. I used every curse word known and could cuss like a sailor.

It was so very un-proverbs 31. And not lady-like at all. It was trashy, and crude, and ugly.

Now…let me be clear I am in no ways perfect. I have gotten SO angry at a situation or my kids that I have released one of those words in frustration under my breath…and while some 4 letter words don’t sound as harsh, they felt just as ugly leaving my mouth. I felt defeated and like I had stepped back to my old self.

When I became a follower of Christ, I took “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” as literal.

I don’t drink anymore, or do drugs anymore, or go to the club anymore, or steal anymore or dress the way I used to and I don’t talk the way I used to.

I try to think before I speak now. I try to be more Christ-like. And I fail at times. Many may times actually.

But one seeing the words on those blogs just kept my mind returning to this scripture

Ephesians 5:4
Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving.


I am not trying to judge these bloggers. Maybe it us just my upbringing in my ministry, but if I heard my Pastors wife ask someone if her butt looked big, but used the other word- I would be so dumbfounded and would lose respect for her. And she has trained me to be a follower of Christ, and I could not see him using those words (I have never seen the disciples referred to as homies, or “my b’s and I have never seen any 4-letter red letter words). I know my pastor’s wife is not perfect and I am sure she has made many mistakes. And she repents and moves forward- wary of making the same mistakes. But she holds herself up as an example of a godly woman, without being superficial.

Now I KNOW that some of the words in the bible at that time were similar to us cussing. But the bible is also a history of people’s lives. Just because Saul called people curse words, does not mean it was accepted. – David committed murder and also adultery. God did not give him permission to do that, the bible tells us it happened.

I am also not saying you are a crappy Christian if you still use half of the curse words in your daily vocabulary (for some, crap is a curse word…to me, it helps me not say anything stronger but I am working on not using it because I don’t want my kids saying it either!). It is not for me to know your heart. But the Bible is clear that your words come from the overflow of your heart. And I have seen a pattern in those that use words carelessly- they do other things carelessly.

What I am saying is that Jesus has more to offer than just a Sunday seat.

And I can not risk hearing “I do not know you” when I get to heaven.

As a worship leader, I have to ask Him to take the coal and cleanse my unclean lips. EVERY DAY! I can’t get up on a Sunday, cuss at my kids and husband in a joking manner and then sing “I exalt thee” in the same manner.  I am leery of trusting people that look just like the church- but act like the world. Maybe it is my convictions, maybe I am a bigot, but for sure I am not ok with a leader in a church using profanity in the halls. Leaders should be above reproach, not trying to look and sound cool.

Maybe I am just boring, but the days of women being lady-like and speaking with etiquette are sorely missed. And I feel like people try to fit Jesus into their mold instead of allowing Him to transform them and make them a peculiar people with something to offer the unchurched and unsaved.

What is your view on cussing in the church? Should leaders and pastors be able to throw those words around for the sake of “connecting”?


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