Fall Mod burlap wreath

I love Autumn. The dry Texas heat has been thrown out the window by some crazy thunderstorms and we can finally sleep with the windows open! (Or at least the ones that have screens on them)

As soon as September hits, I start looking for ways to decorate my house for the season and for the past 10 years I have been putting the same wreath up on the door.

It is super dusty and does not blend well with our contemporary decor (as contemporary as mis-matched can get anyway)

But it was cute! And it was a gift from my other mom. But Mr. Howdy needed to be retired.



Being a frugal mom, I scavenged the grapevine wreath and found some orange yarn and a burlap bag. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it, so I made it up as I went.



Yes, that is the camera strap- I never claimed to be an expert photographer – or even a good one!



I cut the coffee sack into strips and hot-glued and wrapped. I should have used elmer’s glue on the cut edges to keep them from fraying, but I wanted a simple and quick wreath- “ain’t nobody got time for that”

I wrapped the whole wreath so it would be even all the way around, even though I did not want to leave it plain.

The fun part was wrapping the yarn! I started it and let the girls take over and they wrapped around the whole thing a few times and then I wrapped it close together to make a solid yarn chunk. I cut 3 leaves out of the burlap and glued them on the yarn to add some contrast and a bit of decor. I told my hubby “these 3 leaves represent the kids” …He rolled his eyes at me.


Here is is under our door. And a close up!

DSCF5843The best part- it was FREE! I had all the supplies on hand, including the hot glue (which I burned my thumb with severely!)


Welcome Autumn! Next I will be scouring Pinterest for indoor ideas.

How do you welcome in the change of seasons- do you go traditional with fall colors, or more modern hues?



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