My home was not door-bell ready!

Today the contractor to do our energy upgrades came over unannounced and my house was in the most chaotic state ever. We were out of trash bags, vacuum filters AND dish soap this weekend- so things are just piled up waiting. Plus the kids came back from their grandparent’s house and left all their stuff in the living room. And they had just eaten crackers-which were all over the table and floor and I had not gotten around to them yet.
I was *so embarrassed* to have him come in, but I did not have a choice. Then I felt like even worse because Finn comes out of the room butt naked because he just had a bath 2 seconds before the doorbell rang, and I am wearing cut-offs and a tank and a bandanna on my head, the girls were still in their PJs and there were clothes and books and papers all over the living room. PLUS I had just taken the lid off the diaper pail and that smell permeated the house for about 10 minutes. – to top it off, this is a free energy program that we qualify for because we are “lower income”.
Yes- I said it! We qualify for government benefits. I know this is a season in our life. And through it all- we never stopped tithing and pledging and trusting God with our finances. But that is a blog for later times. (I HATE having to rely on those benefits. They are humiliating, limited and confusing and our goal is to be “above” the line in the next 12 months so we no longer qualify and that promotion comes from God alone)
I apologized for the horrendous mess (including ants on the floor that had come searching for the crackers that were only there for 30 minutes)
He laughed and said he understood- he had a kid at home. I said” Well I have three” …
As if that served as justification for the state my home was in!
And then the girls let Finn out of the room and he came running out naked saying “hi”. 
Can you see me wanting to crawl into a hole and hide somewhere for the rest of the day. I can!
What a morning. So needless to say, I feel like a frumpy housewife living in a pig-stye.
So much for door-bell ready. That wasn’t even 10-minute ready!
And I should have been up and ready for the day, because I have a bag of coffee that I sold to a friend of mine and she is coming to get it today.
I thought that Fall was supposed to start with organization, but so far it has not. I had to wait for the remainder of my curriculum (which won’t get here until this Thursday) plus I had to wait for Corey’s dad to make my workbox system (which turned out amazing and I can’t wait to start using it, when I get the rest of the curriculum).
I got up late this morning, because I can’t sleep well with Finn in the bed anymore- he is just too big. So I did not get in my morning time with God. Thankfully, I remembered to set my clock so I can pray on the hour because I really need it!
This is a season to have grace with myself because yes, I do have 3 kids at home. All day long. Every day. All day long.  But I also need to remember that I need to be diligent with my actions. After all- a wise woman builds her home.
The soul of a lazy man desires, and has nothing; But the soul of the diligent shall be made rich. ~Proverbs 13:4
Have you had a day like that- when your home was in utter chaos and that was the time someone chose to drop by? How did you react? (I was cleaning around the man!)

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