Falling off the wagon (and getting back on)


So, I posted about my Trim Healthy Mama journey almost 2 months ago.

The plan has been so easy and there are so many other mamas (and papas) that have joined the fun that you can find an array of yummy recipes which make it so enjoyable. Once you get the hang of combining your

E and S over FP and Helpers

You can easily swap out your traditional recipes for some fat burning ones.

That said, I was doing great and losing weight and feeling wonderful. And then we visited family 3 weekends in a row. And most everything that we ate was a crossover. And we have had pizza more times in the last month  than all of last year combined I thing (not always because I bought it either)

The deal with my hubby was that Monday through Friday we would THM and on the weekends he would eat whatever he wanted. And it worked ok. But then it bleed into some evenings and fellowships etc.

NOW we are STALLED. And it is our fault.

And the cooler season is coming- you know, the time when God created our bodies to store up a little fat! So I want to get rid of the last 10 lbs before our first cold front.

This is where I started a few months before THM: 

*Nov 2012- my first 5k (8 months after my 3rd baby was born)


* this is March 2013 (12 months after having my son)


Not much of a difference here really, I lost maybe 5 pounds and was still above my pre-preg weight.

*And this is TODAY after 2 months on THM… 10Lbs below my pre-preg weight! 


I know that THM works. And it is simple and healthy and fun.

BUUUUUUT (There is always a but, huh?) When you fall off, you have to get right back on. My body tells me that eating the non-THM way does not agree with it. When I fall off and eat 3 cookies because I am at Grandma’s house, my body reflects that the very next day- sometimes for 3 days!

So starting mid- week, DH and I will be jumping into the Fuel Pull Cycle! I am excited and a bit nervous about the FP days, but my metabolism has slowed back down these last 2 weeks after all this flopping around. Time to get back to my Skinny chocolate and FP Smoothies! Bring on the eggs and meatloaf and some brownies- THM style of course.

My goal is to stay on plan until I lost this last 10 (which I hear is always the hardest and until DH gets down to where he wants to be.

I love Trim Healthy Mama stories and testimonies! Have you fallen and did you get back up?

Oh and I will exercise. I promise. At least for 10 minutes- don’t push me past that!


4 thoughts on “Falling off the wagon (and getting back on)

  1. Wowza, girl! You look FANTASTIC!!! 🙂 And yeah – THM makes it so easy to get back on the wagon. I love being on the wagon. I have a fear of heights…so if I fall off, I usually hang on and drag along with the wagon. LOL LOL
    Thanks for linking at Trim Healthy Tuesday…congratulations!

    1. Me to- I usually don’t get back on the wagon- I find a new one, but this time I love THM and even my kids ask for more “freezer chocolate” as they call skinny chocolate

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