I don’t want to yell anymore

I sometimes become that yelling mom. The one that gets so mad that she just snaps and starts yelling at the little ones that have not been listening, or are back talking, or being lazy.

I forget that I too am a sinner when I see my kids sin against me.

“How many times do I have to ask you to clean your room?”

This is never met with a “sorry mama, I will do it now” It is obviously met with sarcasm or irritation that I am asking them again because they don’t want to do it.

And then I have left them alone for too long again, and when I return- the mess is still there. Untouched.

SO I YELL. And it does nothing to remedy the situation. It simply brings me back to being yelled at as a child. It brings me to remembering my 5 year old say that Jesus didn’t have kids because he did not want yell at them.

And I feel like a failure- so my yelling just further infuriates me.

Now I am mad at my kids and mad at myself for getting so mad.


One day in my desperation, I hit my computer (after hitting my knees) and searched “How to not yell at my kids”

And I found this site



Even though it is written from a simply secular point of view- everything the author says is true.

It is not OK to yell at your kids. And if you can stop to listen, you will learn so much from them.


So today (well, tomorrow since I horribly failed today) I take the Orange Rhino Challenge.

If you are a mama that is quick to temper, or maybe you are slow to anger- but that anger is heated, join me in this challenge and see what God can do. I know that if I can restrain myself from yelling at my kids, then I will be a better wife, teacher and leader for it.


Who’s up for a challenge? 


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