Why we increased our coffee budget and how it saves us in taxes

We love coffee in this house. Fresh, hot, cold, frapped, iced, blended, dark and decaf at night.

In fact, over the years we have become coffee snobs, buying only organic and recently buying from a local coffee roaster. We were spending $9 a pound on coffee every other week or so. We like our coffee strong too, so we use 2 ROUNDED scoops per 8oz of water. Our coffee has been referred to as “jet fuel” by some that lack our tastes (and stamina I guess).

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With me being a stay home, homeschooling mama, we knew we needed some extra income butI can’t do phone jobs (I have 3 kids that think a phone on my ear is an invitation for them to start fighting and asking to talk to people they just saw yesterday.) I tried online jobs, but again with 3 under 6 (sounds like a lunch menu) I can’t focus enough to do a good job at anything that needs my attention for more than 30 minutes at a time. So we have been looking, and blogging and praying for some door to open up because I am not going to be returning to the “workforce” anytime soon, but we also want to get a house and our budget is too small right now.

We came upon a business opportunity that sounded amazing. And the more we looked into it, the more logical it was to get on board with it, especially right now with the growth it is having. And the logic is not only in the products the company has, it is also in the business model and the leadership in the executive team.

We drink coffee every single day.

We also drink energy drinks a few times a week.

(Are you one of those people? Do you know people like that?)

Coffee is the 2nd MOST consumed beverage in the entire world. It has become just a market that Dunkin Donuts changed their logo from a donut, to a cup of coffee! Wendy’s and Sonic now offer “gourmet coffee menus”. And their coffee is not that wonderful at $2.00 a cup either.

So how do you get a piece of that pie? By sharing coffee with your friends. But not just any coffee- The healthiest coffee in the world! Seriously.

SoZo Life has 3 products, which are infused with Coffeeberry.

Coffee is a BERRY! Whaaat? Yeah! I didn’t know that either, I assumed coffee beans were really beans of some sort. Or maybe a nut, I don’t know and never really thought about it much- but someone did. You can see what they found out BY CLICKING HERE (not an affiliate link, just a video page)

The coffeeberry fruit has 600x the antioxidant value of Acai. (I personally can’t stand the taste of Acai in anything. To me it tastes like…um vomit aftertaste- sorry!)

The Nutritional Beverage (what we simply call SoZo in our house) right now is the healthiest beverage on the planet. The combination of fruits and veggies combines with the coffeeberry creates an amazing antioxidant drink. This has been proven in 3rd party testing to reduce inflammation markers within 30 minutes, and keep them down hours later.  The research has been proven, unmistakably. (Research link, non-affiliate)


My kids get a 1.5 oz dose everyday and they remind me when I forget theirs in the morning…and of course Chloe gets it all over her face. She even gets it on her face drinking from a straw!

My kids LOVE SoZo Beverage

My kids LOVE SoZo Beverage


So how did changing coffee change my world?

By having a home-based business, we will average a tax savings of $3000 this year. Even if I do not make a dime from SoZo- I will still be ahead! And with all the driving I do as a homeschool mama, sometimes we do end up eating out. By using my business account and marketing properly I am able to write off many of the expenses that I can’t as a “dance mom”.

It also changes my world by giving me and my family the dose of antioxidants we need to fight free radicals and replace the vitamins and amino acids in our body each day. We get healthier and have an opportunity to build wealth while I stay home as a homeschool mama.

Do you or anyone you know drink coffee or energy drinks? If so, are they the healthiest in the world? And are you paid to drink them? 

Take a look at SoZo and see if it makes sense to you! If it does, you are not alone, there is a team willing to help you meet your goals!



Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 12.44.06 PM




*The links on this page will take you to my distributor site, if you would like to drink the healthiest coffee and energy drink in the world, or want more information on becoming your own home-based business owner, please contact me through those links!


5 thoughts on “Why we increased our coffee budget and how it saves us in taxes

  1. I love these products, and the opportunity they are giving us!
    Love your blog too 🙂

  2. Great Blog! SoZo is such a great product. The testimonies set it over the top for me.
    Again good job, it was a fun read.

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