How is your relationship with God

images-2That seems like an odd question when people ask you that.

Until you stop to think about it for a moment.

How IS my relationship with God?

Is it constant, or only when I need something?

Is it uplifting, or complaining?

Do I honor Him, or only ask of him?

Am I leading my kids to Him every day?

Serving God is not just a thing you do. Or don’t do.

It is a relationship. I serve God because he is my Heavenly Father. My Creator. My Friend. I serve him because I love him. I also need to hear his voice through the roar of the world. But if I am not in constant communication with him. That roar gets increasingly louder and his voice softer still.

I find when I am not acting very Christ-like, I need to look at how closely I am following him.


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