Mediterranean Salmon Wasas (THM S)

It is August. In Texas. This is the hottest month of the year. It has also been a crazy dry year which means everything is brown and crispy. And I am hungry. I want salmon-

But it’s 103 outside

I am not about to turn on the oven. So salmon dip it is!

I did not want anything too lemony because I eat baked salmon all the time, with lemon and dill. I wanted something a bit different on my taste buds, maybe even spice it up.

At a fellowship a year or so ago a friend of mine made a salmon dip that had olives in it and it has stayed with me enough that it came to mind when I was thinking of salmon recipes.

I also love olives so I decide to combine them in a Trim Healthy Mama way.

I really wanted this to be a S but all I had was Neufatchel Light cream cheese. So it only had about 6g fat. So adding the olives added another 5g of fat for a total of 11. Light S

THM Mediterranean Salmon Wasa


1 large can salmon

1/2 C cream cheese

8 black olives

2TBS Tomato paste

cracked pepper

salt to taste

1/2 tsp dill

1tsb lemon juice

1/2 tsp Basil

Wasa Crackers (2)

Mix half of the can of salmon with the cream cheese. If you want it smooth, toss it in the food processor. I wanted the olives to have some texture so I just rough chopped them. You could get a small can of diced if you wanted to cut down on time. Use what you have on hand.

Add 1tbs fresh lemon, tomato sauce, and seasonings. You want lots of cracked pepper to bring out the flavors and you can add cayenne for more heat.

Mix it all up and smear it on 2 Wasa Crackers (I used half of my mixture divided over the two because I like light meals that I can stuff my face with)

Whatever is left is even better once refrigerated over night, so you can also make this the night before and have it for lunch, or breakfast with some eggs. I ate it all because Hubby does not like salmon like that. He only eats it fried.

I would eat this every.single day!

I bet it would be awesome seasoned with Stacy’s Seasoned Salt



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