I (heart) IKEA



I love love love rearranging my home. About every 3 months or so I move the furniture around, put up the seasonal decor and try to find something new I can do with the couch.

My favorite place to wander around and dream is Ikea. The new Fall Catalog came out and I am thrilled at all the new items and the old stuff that is now cheaper and i am already thinking ahead of the kitchen I have one day when we get our house.

You can get the catalog here

Because we live in a 864 sq ft Duplex, Ikea has been a life saver in little space living.Especially when you don’t have the option to drill holes in the wall, or remove a wall, or add a room.

Ikea has so much space saving furniture it is insane! 

We got our couch, bed, kids toys, kids chairs, duvet, pillows, kitchen gear, rug, lights, storage, shelves and all kinds of things at Ikea. And because I am frugal and thrifty, I don’t buy everything brand new. I get a LOT of my Ikea stuff  from Craigslist (like the table). We also got a computer desk for $10 at the local Habitat REstore. And we always hit up the AS IS department. For Father’s day we got my FIL a patio umbrella and stand for $50- half off!

Ikea Kivik Sofa
The cover for this was $25 in the AS IS department!
photo copy 2
We stained this table blue


We have had 3 rugs from Ikea, the kids rug the dog ate when it was hanging on the line to dry. I also don’t have a  picture of our green rug because the dog pooped on it- it is also hanging to dry. (I learned my lesson in not changing dog food on them when we run out!)

We don’t do wool yet because I like rugs that I can clean with soapy water and the hose!

photo copy 4666903-THE_IKEA_STORE_Round_Rock

If you don’t have one close by, you should make a trip to the nearest one. It is worth an hour or two drive just to hang out for the day. Plus they have a rockin cafe and restaurant that serves meatballs and even Lax!


Do you Ikea? What do you like or dislike about the ultimate DIY furniture store?


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