Does God make you wonder?

God wonder

Not wonder as in question motives or His will, or say “I wonder if/when God is going to do___”

I mean- does thinking of God fill you with a sense of reverence, and awe- filled with wonder

Is your mind blown by God on a daily basis?


Heb. 12:8 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe.

What is awe? Webster defines awe as an: emotion variously combining dread, veneration, and wonder that is inspired by authority or by the sacred or sublime <stood in awe of the king> <regard nature’s wonders with awe>

Awe is wonder. Awe is when you see or experience something that to you is the most amazing thing. You can’t understand it. Probably can’t duplicate it, may not even be able to describe it accurately with words.

Are you experiencing God with wonder?

Children experience wonder every day. The .99 bubbles you are blowing

This cactus only blooms at night for a few short hours.
This cactus only blooms at night for a few short hours.

are wonderful to them! They shimmer and float and then they pop! Oh how wonderful they are in the eyes of a child.

That ladybug that landed on your daughter’s arm is amazing! Look at it’s tiny legs and speckled coloring. Watch how it flies away so smoothly. Children are in awe of God’s works all around them because they see things as exciting and mesmerizing.



Sadly, as we grow into respectable adults, we lost that creativity and wonder. A child loses 90% of their creative and imaginative mind by the time they are 5-7 years old. By the time we are 40, we only retain 2% of our imagination.

…We lose site of the glory of God.

Worship should be a place where we experience the wonder of God. Where we feel his presence. We stand in the glory cloud and see his power all around. We should seek not to understand God and his creation like so many scientists do. I am not saying science is a bad thing, but too many men want simply to dissect the “why” that they fail to see the Who.

I don’t really care WHY the earth revolves around the sun. I am amazed at the creator who tells it to do so.

I may not understand fully where dinosaurs came from. But I am in awe that God created man and angels, and birds and fish and earth.

I am mesmerized at how God knows how many hairs are on my head, especially when they are shedding after childbirth. And to know that he can do all these things and yet he still knows my name. 1 in a billion faces and he created it.

Our God is an awesome, wonderful, magnificent creator!!!

Find something today to look at with the eyes of a child. Go watch a flower grow, or the ants scurry around.

WATCH THE SUN SET OVER THE EARTH and listen to God’s voice in it all.



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