So, you don’t like cauliflower huh?

We are in week 3 changing up how we eat. I don’t miss potatoes because when I was 18 and lived in California and was super broke, that is what I lived off of. That and Ramen. Ug, no wonder when I came home my brother said I got fat. Thanks Kenny.

But my hubby loves potatoes. Mashed, fried and baked. I tried making mashed cauliflower for dinner one night. He took one big bite (fully expecting mashed ‘taters beside his THM meatloaf) and before he chewed twice he looked at me with THAT LOOK. “These are not potatoes- are they” and he followed that up with, “Man I hate cauliflower”

“But it is versatile” I say. “The texture is wrong” says he.

“But I can make a pizza crust out of it” I plead  “Don’t even try” says he.

“But potatoes are making us fat!”… 

He said nothing to that because he knows that I am trying my hardest to serve food that is healthy, AND will make him ask for seconds. Prov. 14:1 he wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. Tearing down a house in our house is making the family eat cardboard and straw when they really want mashed potatoes. (Or something like that)

But LO! Along comes Stacy with her Crock Pot Jalapeño Cauli Mash!!!  Go now, visit this page and enjoy the yum.




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