Calling all TEXAS worship leaders and members- NWLC will be here in February

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 5.29.28 PM

I subscribed to the Worship Leader Magazine for spiritual growth, a good read and to be a better worship leader. I have been searching for events and conferences to attend that are local. Some of the events I found are really small, or geared towards a specific church vision. Not that I would not probably get something out of attending, but I really wanted to go to the NWLC.

However, in 2012-2013, it is in Kansas or California (all the best conferences, including my own ministry’s are in Cali it seems)

BUT I just got an email that made me SO happy! In Feb. 2014 the National Worship Leader Conference will be in Dallas! The National Worship Leader Conference is as good as it gets! If you are looking for inspiration, motivation and training, this is the event to get your team to.

I am planning on going, bringing my guitar playing hubby and anyone from our team or region that wants to go…hope to see you there!

For more information, or to register in Texas: click here


* I was not paid for this review or posting, it would be nice but I just want to see the glory of God in Texas!



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