Why I choose to homeschool

chose homeschool

I was homeschooled from 1st to 2nd grade and again in 8th.

My mom asked me if I planned on homeschooling and I said “no way!”. I did not foresee having the patience. I thought a teacher could do much better than I could at schooling my kids. So I thought.

Then my eldest turned 4. And she had been writing her name since she was 2.5. She knew the entire alphabet and could write all the letters. She could count to 40+ and could tell you her numbers from 1-10.

All of her friends were starting kinder in the fall. But Lily could not because she did not turn 5 until October…31 days after the age cut off. I asked if she could be tested into Kinder and was told that she could do that next year. So I got her on a waiting list at a local Charter school where her best friend was attending Kindergarten and I decided to go some informal training at home so Lily would be prepared to skip Kinder when she was 6.

And so I ordered some curriculum and started following these two blogs

Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling

Confessions of a Homeschooler

And I felt the Lord leading me to just keep my children home. It did not make much sense for me to send Lily to school for 8+ hours when I was going to be home for 5 more years with Chloe and Finn.


When Lily asked about bugs, we learned about them. When she asked about God, we learned more about Him. Whatever peaked her interest, we learned about. She took ballet lessons, in the middle of the afternoon. But the whole time she wanted to go to “real school” with her friends.
Then one day a friend from church asked if I homeschooled Lily. She decided to pull her son out of Kindergarten and school him. Lily had a friend.
Three months later, her best friend’s mom joined us in Homeschooling. Her daughter was catchings colds, and pink eye from school and at 5 years old was sent home with a HOUR worth of homework. Every.single.night. Lily now had classmates.
God gave me community and friends to share my homeschooling with. These are friends that know each other and we have the same values.
I am about to embark on my second year of homeschooling and I have so far to go. I am unorganized, we switched math 3 times last year, and I get lazy at times. But when my daughter reads a word that causes other people to comment on the “big word” she was able to read, and my 3 year old correctly calls out all the letter on the sign she just read, I smile because I know I am doing the right thing for my family.

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