Staying the course

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You know that hike that you started on, excited for the fresh air, the sights and sounds of the trail? And then halfway through, you realize it was a lot longer hike than you thought it was going to be and you are ready to be done?

Sometimes ministry is like that. You feel like you drudge on and on and one, knowing that there is an end, but not being able to gauge how far you have gone, or how much more you have left. I feel like that often. I have 3 kids to manage. I cook and clean and work from home, and homeschool. And sometimes I allow myself to put my role as a worship leader on the back burner. But then I let the pilot light go out and the worship leader inside of me gets cold.

Sometimes, I don’t want to be on the path anymore.

I don’t mean the path of righteousness. I mean the course of leadership in a ministry that is so important and enduring and yet overwhelming at times. And it is not the actual worship leading that is a burden at times, it is the organizational and relational part that I want to toss the towel at. I mean, I have to make my kids get up and get ready for church, so why would I feel the need to call a working adult and remind them that not only are they scheduled but our colors are teal and grey?

When I get tired and super frustrated this is what  I do:

1. Take a step back and PRAY (1 Thes. 5:17 Pray without ceasing)

Now while we can’t and don’t pray all day 24/7, we should pray for and about everything. Every emotional upset. Every frustration. Ever victory. Every confusion. Ever person on your team. And yourself. Pray!

2. Get into WORSHIP alone (Ps. 13:16 I will sing to the Lord for He has been good to me)

You are not singing for man anyway. Man has not been good to you (well, maybe your spouse has) God has been good to you. And as a worship leader, the best way to remember why you have that title is because you sing to the Lord. You remember the things he has done and you lift up your voice in reverence, awe, humility, thanksgiving, joy, adoration! I can guarantee you, the moment you begin to sing praises to The Lord, He will calm your spirit in the thing that is making you weary. He always seems to give me insight into things I need to do (or not do)

3. LET GO of some things 

Are you overrun with administrative or organizational responsibilities that someone else can do better than you without getting irritated? Please then- let those things go!

I recently brought in two ladies to take over the fellowships because I could not remember to plan them and get materials or make the calls. Fellowships need to be done so I found someone eager to be used for something. But make sure you train up your replacement. Don’t just toss someone some paperwork and say “Have at it!”

4. Rededicate yourself to your team (Ps 51:10 Create in me a clean heart ,O Lord and renew a loyal spirit within me)

When things are hard, that is when there is some good stuff taking place in your life and in your ministry.  But just as married couples commit to each other, you made a commitment to your ministry- didn’t you? I know I did and not matter how the enemy tries to distract me from that commitment





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