More New Jesus Songs

Jesus said we have to be like children to enter into heaven, and this is why.

As we were reading the daily kids verse on storing up riches in heaven, I had to explain to my daughter what that meant. She said “I believe in Jesus!” So I asked her if someone who said that, but still lied and cheated and stole really acted like they believe in Jesus. In her 5 year old put mind, that was a definite no.

So I told her that her daddy and I used to be those people. The ones that said we knew Jesus, but we lived our lives for ourselves. She was astonished. She questioned why we lied and stole and talked ugly. I said, we were lost and confused, but the good news was that Jesus came to die and for our sins and that he forgave us AND made us brand new so that we followed him.

Then she said something that as a worship leader made, encouraged me and reminded me of why I am in the worship ministry:

We have been here, we are old, so we need to have new Jesus songs in the church. That way when the new people come to the church, they will hear the new Jesus songs and then they will believe in Jesus too.

us worship

How can you complicate that? By worrying about the style of song, or the pitch or the transition. Focus  on the one who the song is for and about. Let the new people hear your song about Jesus so they can believe in Him too!!!





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