Trim and Healthy Mama Review, winning the war against sweets

So, all over the web and on many of the other blogs I have been reading about this book written by two sisters who have quite a bit of experience with dieting.

I can’t say that I have followed every fad diet out there; somewhere inside I always knew Atkins could not be healthy and I love noodles!

I have however struggled with all the dietary guidelines that seem to swarm everywhere.

Everywhere you turn you hear some scientific “proof” about food:

Butter causes heart disease

Canola oil is the healthiest oil around

Sugar is sugar, no matter if it comes from a sugar cane, or from corn (HFCS)

Eat a well balanced meal every day

Eating high fat meals make you fat

Eat 5-7 servings of whole grains a day

I could go on and on!

When I started greening out our household, I got rid of artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrups, white sugar, white bread and canola oil. We fry with coconut or grape seed oil, we use a tiny amount of real, organic butter on our homemade whole wheat bread. We filled up on whole grains and veggies everyday, with a small protein source on the side.

I only eat ice cream that is made with real sugar and made from hormone free milk. I limited our fat, except what I cooked with (which was still quite a bit)

We considered going gluten free, but that did not last very long (did I mention I like pasta?)

Even the government that makes the rules regarding our food (FDA) can’t make up their mind on what is the idea way to eat.

This was the original marketing to get Americans off of their bacon and egg breakfasts:


I like the “Don’t Waste Food” Why don’t they put that on food stuff today?

USDA_Food_PyramidOf course, more research has caused backlash in the way the lobbyist have promoted their food groups so the Food Pyramid has been replaced with My plate:

150px-USDA_MyPlate_greenAnd THIS is why Americans are so fat and unhealthy. This is how we are told to heat every.single.meal.

This my friend is the Standard American Diet. AKA -SAD

I don’t know about you, but it makes me sad to see obese 10 year olds. I was a hefty 10 year old too, I lived on Ramen Noodles, Cup-O-Soup, Doritos. My mom cooked healthy dinners, but at school, we ate the normal fare they “approve” in the school. SAD SAD SAD food. But I digress

Back to the book!

THIS book answered all the little questions I have about balance. About fats, about MEAT! Oh glorious meat! And Buttah!!!! Oh how I love me some butter!

And the best thing is that Pearl and Serene are honest, real and they back up their research with God’s Word!

Who is the best one to tell you what to eat- man? or the Master Creator?

So far, I am not all the way through the book (it is OVER 600 pages!)

But I have the gist of it down. YOU CAN’T EAT LOTS OF CARBS AND FAT AT THE SAME TIME and lose weight (unless you are a kid).

fb0f609d1031dc823846e6e0113b3b29Trim Healthy Mama

No more fads, no dieting, and I still get chocolate and I don’t have to exclude my family.

If you are having a hard time losing weight, even if you are on a diet (yes, the first3 letters spell DIE) now, I highly suggest you get this book. Don’t think, just get it! You can check them out on Facebook and see all the yummy recipes that won’t make you fat, or hungry.


I will be posting my recipe experiments as I find the ones I like the best!



*I was not compensated for this review, I paid for the book myself and I just wanted to share some info to other mamas like me!




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