Happy Independence Day

Lily is so excited that 4th of July is here again.

Unfortunately, her 5 year old mind only knows that there are fireworks and a parade to look forward to. But she put two and two together on her own and asked “is this a holiday we are celebrating something about Jesus?”

At first I said ” no, this isn’t a Jesus holiday” and her daddy explained that this is America’s birthday.

But that is not entirely true.

Yes, this is America’s day of independence.
Yes, it is considered a secular, political holiday.

But this is a Jesus holiday too!
We are a free country! That freedom means the government can’t take away our right to say what we want in a peaceful way. This means our pastors and leaders can have a modern day sermon on the mount and tell the lost and dying world about Jesus without being jailed.

We are free to have fish bumper stickers and Christian radio stations.

But not only are we free to do these things, at one point, the founding fathers encouraged them. They knew that a country founded on faith and walking with the creator would be a strong one.

So, teach your children about Independence Day, and let them know that if it was not for God, we would not be living in the United States of America!



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