Homemade Mosquito Spray

Here in Texas, the weather is heating up to the normal Summertime temps (which may push 100) This has been a wonderfully wet spring and summer, but because the winter was weak- all the bugs are out with a vengeance. The worst bugs imaginable are the dreaded mosquito. I hate those little buggers (pun intended) They itch and make that tiny eeeeee sound in your ear and then when you do succeed at smashing one, you get bloody bug mess all over your arm or neck. YUCK! Being a natural mama, I keep my family away from DEET ridden brands of spray and have been buying all natural sprays. The last one I got worked wonderfully and seemed to last fairly well. BUT- you have to spray it often and it was not cheap. at. all.

I am also frugal of course.

So, enter Pinterest/Google/Bing with a search for bug sprays made from essential oils. I recently refilled my stash of lavender and orange and while I was there, I picked up some Citronella and started mixing them up in an old bottle I had.


So far- I need more citronella, or maybe more oil to make it thicker. It keeps the bugs off for just a bit, but it only seems to last about 30 minutes.


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