Forget fantasy baseball- bring on firecracker baseball!

This was 4th of July when Lily was an infant.
Now we can’t get away with this because we have to be an example! (ha ha ha)
 We had burgers and guac and homemade oven fries and grilled sweet potato fries. MMMMMMMM. So good summer is!
Lily had a blast outside and inside, until we started the fireworks. We just got little things: fountains, sparklers, bang-snaps, camillia flowers. She wanted nothing to do with any of it. Even the dog eventually went inside.
Corey and Josh however, had a grand old time. At one point, they were on the roof attempting to see the fireworks down town. My Ma-in-Law didn’t care too much for that and if My Father In Law had been home- he would have gotten mad…and red., ‘cuz he gets red when he gets mad.

This is Corey, ducking from the Roman Candle his brother aimed at him.

You can still see he is not letting go of the bat, but he isn’t swinging either.

*ahem, in case I need a disclaimer, I am not responsible for you burning your house down if you too try Firecracker Baseball!

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