Not against flesh and blood

A worship team has unique obstacles to overcome. We are a ministry that can be glorified before God. The world has lifted up musicians, singers and performers to something that was meant for God alone. This glorification can sneak into the church house and taint worship, turning it into something it was never meant to be.

Even turning us into something we were not created to be.

If we are not on guard of our hearts, things can be planted in them that causes us not to work as a team of worshipers, but people looking for a spotlight, or recognition, or a label (or even a music deal!)


Everything we do flows from the heart. So when jealousy creeps in- our actions towards our fellow teammates can become bitter and hardened.

If a stronger musician gets scheduled more often than another, people can feel like they are the “lesser worshiper”, if in their hearts they feel that way in life.

We have been working on getting our team (specifically the less confident) to sing louder, play more animatedly. Not that we are trying to force a performance for the eye, but we are encouraging them to praise God like only He is watching. You would not give God shy praise- you would ascribe to Him the glory that is due his name! If the enemy can’t stop people from expressing their worship in a genuine fashion, then he will attack with something that makes them feel their worship is not important-jealousy.

 It comes because we are proud.

Pride has 2 manifestations.

First there is the “look at me, I am amazing, I sing so wonderfully that they really need me on a main mic and not in the back row of the choir. My voice must be heard” pride.

Then there is the “I can’t do this, I am not a good musician, I keep messing up and can’t play or sing on key” pride.

One has a full confidence, one has a lack of. The key to each of these is both focuses on self. When people that have an outward “look at me” pride, they can damage the pride of the “I can’t do this” person. Neither type is giving glory to God because they are too consumed with what THEY are able, or unable to do.

The enemy loves to bring strife between these two and set the prides to battle. Neither of these manifestations of pride go to God as their rock and fortress. They are glorifying the flesh, whether it is in being so confident of their abilities- or worrying about the lack of their capabilities.

We must fight against the powers that battle our hearts and minds as worshipers because without God’s anointing, we are just entertainers (and not very good ones).

The way to combat this, above team building or encouragement or anything- is prayer. As a team, with the team and for the team. Some battles will require fasting as a team too. At the very least, the leadership on the team should see and come against these attacks because they can tear down the frontline ministry in a church and that proud poison will leak into the congregation.

What are some ways you have been under attack as a worship team?


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