Organized…or trying to be anyway


you have to have them, so how do you keep up with them?

We used to schedule the old-fashioned calendar in word and hope everyone remembered to look at it and that we did not overlap. No one looked and every service, people ask “am I scheduled today?”

Or we looked for them only to realize they had a prior scheduled ministry and we had to scramble for a replacement.

Then there is the song list/set list/set thing.

We send a text. No one gets it. No one has the sheet music. No one can log onto Dropbox to download the music. No one reads the text. No one knows the songs.

So we upgraded! This is a year of God doing the unseen in 2013. But there is a lot of seen that is changing so God can do more. We are updating our scheduling to



There are apps for our team -and the coolest part, it FACEBOOKS and TEXTS them to remind them of the schedule! AND they have to confirm the schedule.

The only drawback is that there is no mass upload for our songs, so we are having to upload one at a time. So the Music Stand app may not be as useful as Gigbook right now for our ipad users, but we are not discounting it just yet.

Also, they need to upgrade the Apple app so the users can update their contact (right now it just logs you off!)


What do you use to stay organized? Do you have a set schedule or does it change weekly and monthly?



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