What no one says about Mastitis…ever

No one ever says “wow, how cool that one of my breasts is bigger than the other” BY TWICE THE SIZE!

No one ever says ” this super high fever which lead to heat rash was so wonderful these past 3 days”

No one ever says “ahhh- fever shakes, how my body loves them”

No one ever says “my  breast looks better purple”

No one ever says “I enjoy the side effects of powerful antibiotics”

No one ever says “I can’t wait to nurse on that side again”

No one ever says “I hope this never ends!”

Yes, I got mastitis!

I came down with a 102 fever on Sunday night, as I was making meatloaf and colcannon for guests. I though that I was experiencing die off from Kombucha. I had heard that if you are toxic, your die off can be extreme, known as a Herxheimer Reaction

Then the chills and the sweating and the lethargy hit and I though perhaps I had gotten the flu.

Um, in Texas- in May.

I took a hot epsom bath to try and detox whatever was going on. Then laid down (still thinking I was perhaps having a super detox). Tuesday came, and I still had a 103 fever. And then I saw my breast

It was engorged and had red lines all over it. It was hot (so was my entire body though) and painful to the touch. So Honey stayed home from work and told me to call my midwife. She called in a script and told me to cover it with castor oil and a heating pad until the “cheese straws” had gone away. I am still doing the castor oil and nursing as much as I can. I will say that Finn had his moments where he is sick of that side and refuses to nurse on it.

But today is Friday and I am 65% better. Maybe 70. I am still SO tired and I think the antibiotics make me dizzy. No I am sure they do. I do not like using antibiotics and I am taking kombucha shots in between my dose to counteract any secondary infection.

But I will press on and keep nursing Finn until 16 months or he is tired of them altogether.


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