Motivating the team, when the days get long

Because our worship team is a “volunteer” ministry, like most of them, people can get weary in rehearsing every week, plus Sunday mornings.

People scan have a love for worship, a love for God, a love for the team…but can lose their commitment and drive for the work of the ministry.
The congregations eats to come in each service, lift their hands unrestrained and if they know the words or melody or not- they can worship God alone.
The team does not always get that freedom or liberty! We must know how a song goes so we are free to worship within that song. We (should) commit to learning songs beforehand, we gather with the team to rehearse parts, chords, breaks, solos etc. We also require our team to pay dues so we don’t have to pull from church funds for miss, batteries, cables and such, and that giving needs to be done in love.

When we lose focus of the reason and the result of our labor, we can brew bitterness in the team. With that bitterness, passion is lost, reverence is lost, hope is lost, worship is lost.

Col. 3.23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters

This scripture should be remembered by the worker, and the master. If we as leaders on a worship team forget that our work and the people working beside and behind us are working for God and not ourselves, then we can mistreat each other.

Things we implement to build a team atmosphere are monthly fellowships, with games and food and fun.
We also celebrate team birthdays with cake and a card signed by the whole team.
Recently we kicked up the rehearsal by having a theme for people to participate. Every week we send out the Worship Weekly newsletter and at the bottom, there is the theme for the week. Everyone who participates gets a raffle ticket. At the monthly fellowships, we raffle off gift cards to The local Christian stores, gear and things. Quarterly, we raffle off a larger prize, like 1 hour of music lessons or a book bundle.

What are things you do to motivate your team?


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