No more shackles; chain or linen

We have been doing the Eddy James song “Freedom” for about 2 month now.

I love this song, the words have a simple but powerful meaning...if you allow them to be real in your life.

We do this song complete with movement, meaning, for “I wanna spin wilder than before” we truly spin around. We invite the congregation to spin, jump and clap louder than before.
But the thing is…sometimes the worship team doesn’t give more than before. Sometimes, we have the grave clothes still on us because we know the words already, we have become a bit decomposed in our praise and it shows when we gather in music each Sunday.

This past Sunday we not only did Freedom, but the message was about Lazarus. For the first praise song, as good as it was, the congregation simply stayed in their seats. There was clapping and singing, and some lifting of the hands, but the words of the song was not taking hold. And that song was about God’s mercy and freedom being for everyone. But some people seemed to be fresh out of the grave, still wearing the grave clothes around their eyes so they were not really seeing the words. As the second song started (Freedom), the atmosphere was the same, but we the worship team changed up some movement and vocals a bit.

Then one person shook off the grave clothes and came forward to the altar to lift their hands and proclaim their freedom. As soon as he came, a fog was lifted and people started acting free. Starting with his wife, people came forward and threw up their hand singing “no more shakles, no more chains, no more bondage- IAM FREE-yeah!” I can imagine if Jesus had stood at the caves and said “come out” instead of just calling Lazarus by name, one by one the dead would shake off their grave clothes, almost questioning the reality of the event and then joining together celebrating their freedom from death. That is the way it is in church. Jesus is calling you, by name but also as a congregation, as a worshipper to have joy and praise God for your freedom.

If you sing a song 100 times, are you still praising a little more than yesterday? If not, then you are still bound by some of the grave clothes and some of that old man is still on you.

Let your worship this weekend’s service be more than it was last service, so the congregation knows that they are invited to give God more and receive from God more than last service.


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