On the same page

In this day of technology and drive throughs, it can be simple to get everyone on the same page…

or not!

Our worship team has gone from creating CDs which didn’t play, got lost, were lent out, or we didn’t make enough and printing sheet music which was also lost, folded, thrown away or forgotten every rehearsal to a digital sharing. We are currently trying Dropbox for our folder sharing. The problem is- no one seems to be able to figure out how to use it!

We are in an age where everyone has a smart phone, but they seem to be only used for playing Fruit Ninja and uploading Instagram photos. When it comes to finding a PDF reader so you can read the lyrics to a song, even the youth of the nation are at a loss.

As we are not professionals, we only can devote a small amount of time each week to learning songs and coming to a rehearsal week in and week out. Much of the prep-work has to be done at home…by the individual.

What do you find works best to get your music out to your team ahead of time so everyone at least knows what the song is you are going over? Are you old school- or digital?


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