Show me your Glory

Our church has been in Austin for going on 15 years. God has always met our needs and provided everything we need and this year, he gave us a building. This building was created to be a church- to house God’s people. It was a small ministry that decided to expand and build a larger sanctuary but sadly, the building process never got past the outer walls, a roof, and some sheetrock inside. There was an altar placed and you can tell the original Pastor had great plans but he went to be with God and walk on streets of gold, and his building ceased progress.

Fast forward 15 years- and we were invited to take ownership of the building. It was as if God called our Pastors to come from San Jose CA to Austin Tx and while they were in a house, he already moved heaven and earth to prepare a place for us on Earth. 15 years ago the area that church is at was basically farmland with no traffic. Today, there is a major intersection being built at the corner so everyone will see our Church as they go to and from home and work! It is alive and new with people.

God can always see further than we can.

When people come to a church that was basically abandoned for so long and they see work done, it is going to peak their interest. The same is with you. When you have been beat down so long, addicted, in pain or hurting and God starts to work in your life, people are going to be interested in what is being done.  If we left our building as it currently is, with the sheet rock un-mudded, the ceiling unfinished, the parking lot unpaved etc, the interest people have will wain. They will have the conception that God CAN’T finish what he started out to do and they most likely will go searching for something else. The hope of Christ will be lost on them for lack of vision.

Phil. 1:6 And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns

As a church we have to be builders. As a worship team member, we have to be builders too. We have to take time to practice, to follow the guidelines of the team and to exalt Christ above everything in the world.

Take a look at your current worship team, no matter if your ministry is 5 or 15 years old; where do you need to improve to show that God is indeed still alive and moving in you?

Are your mic stands mis-matched? If you cannot afford to buy new ones, paint them!

Are your instruments all dusty? Polish them before Sunday!

Does your team look tired when they sing and play? Give them a high-five, encourage them and take them out for coffee before service!

If we want to see God’s glory, we have to expect it and prepare for it.

Do you want Him to show you His glory in 2013?


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