Where is your heart?


Our Pastor has been preaching a series on the heart of man and it is speaking volumes to me, and in those I see around me.
Out church is in a major transition right not: we are renting a ballroom on Thursday and Sunday service dates until we get our building. Ministries are rearranged, we have kids in the back of the sanctuary with a curtain between us and them!

There are great things that are coming out of this though. 
 Our children are learning to worship with their parents because they come in during the praise and worship portion of service. My girls come home singing songs that I sing at church (being a worship leader, they know more church song than many kids anyway). 

People are learning to work, or remembering how. People are connecting with others in a personal way because we have to.

We are evangelizing like we used to…the message of hope is going out into the city of Austin…which is the most important part!

But in all of this, there are those that don’t see what God is doing. They see what he is “not ” doing for them. Or what the church isn’t doing for them. Some people have lost their love for the church because their heart is only full when they are In a position of leadership. 

These people forgot that leaders are servants. 

Some people have not only left the church, but actually discipled people to themselves and taken people with them. You can tell where their heart is: on themselves and chasing after a trophy.

Are you sold out for the ministry and church God has you in, or do you only love it when you are in a position of influence or when you are noticed?


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