100_5017 by rideswithchrist

So, I scoured the internet for more date recipes and came across quite a few Lara Bar hacks. I officially got better at making granola bars and originally was trying to incorporate the dates to a recipe, but decided to go this no-baking route instead.

I did NOT measure anything, just eyeballed it and tossed it around until it would hold, but this is basically what I did:

1cup almonds
10 whole dates
1/4 cup shredded coconut
1/4 bar of organic 70% chocolate, broken into small pieces

First, pulse the almonds until fine. I left chunks because it was just so darn loud and I have a sleeping baby that I was not about to wake up for some sweets. (I have to admit, when I use the processor or blender he seems to fall asleep though)
Remove almonds from the food processor and add the dates. *YOU MUST REMOVE THE PITS FIRST* Basically, peel the tiny pit out of the center, you will get sticky but don’t worry- you will get stickier later.
Pulse as well as you can to dice. You will end up with a big date clump. It looks pretty cool going ’round and round!

I broke up the date clump and distributed it around the processor. Add almonds back and whirl until mixed up. Then add everything else and turn it on for a few minutes to really mix everything around. It will look crumbly, but as soon as you grab a spoonful and mash, it will stick together nicely, if not…um press harder- j/k, add more dates (chop them separately).

Mash into balls, give kids each one, then hide them and tell them they are all gone- or they will eat them all when you are cleaning everything up.


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