Allergy Update

So Lily got a rash again. Not early as bad as the one I posted about before, but still and obvious one. I took her to the doctor forfood allergy testing. He was sure it was not food related but did the test anyway. Sure enough-everything came back negative. So now I have to do more research and checking around. He told me to change soap, but that does not seem to be the case. I mean, why switch from 99% natural soap to Aveeno crud? (IMO Aveeno is overpriced and should not even say “Oatmeal Soap” since it is the last ingredient, therefore the least amount)
I am still using Bert’s Bees and her rash is going away. It seems to come and go. She ate some pasta and pizza and it got redder. I am beginning to think acidic foods are causing it but she is not testing allergic to them. She has a sensitivity-but not a strong allergy maybe.

My poor girl. But she is excited to say “I am not allergic to anything! Not Strawberries, not chocolate milk, not watermelon or tomatoes”


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