Oooohhh that hurts

We had a wonderful, albeit late, Memorial Day BBQ at Landa Park this weekend. We had our church and the three other churches in our region there. Corey was a cooking maniac, throwing Chicken and Kabobs and Corn everywhere. I felt like a school girl watching him play softball too. I have never seen him participate in any sport besides rock climbing, so to watch him run the bases and hit the ball was so very attractive. I even told him that his huge strawberry from sliding home was hot! Then me and Grammy took Lily swimming. My arms are still aching from paddling all around. I must be out of shape, but it was refreshing to be able to get in the river again. I love New Braunfels and grew up there. It has been 10 years since I last visited Landa and it had changed so much. Gone were the numerous slides and playscapes, replaced by picnic tables and one large scape which we never tried out. I will say though, the pools make up for it!


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