Are those normal boogers?

With all the hype about the “swine flu” I can’t help but watch all the kids in church with a keener eye. Are the boogers they have normal, from crying, from teething, from a small cold, allergies or the dreaded flu?
I am not one who runs to the doctor everytime I have a fever or cough. I have only taken Lily in one time when she was 5 months old and had a cough Corey swore was in her chest. That turned out to be a “normal” cough. So when do we decide what is the everyday sicknesses and when do we have a pandemic panic and rush with masks adorned to the ER? Normally I would wait it out, especially since the last time I had the flu was 5 years ago and Lily has only had one fever in her life and it was gone in 4 hours. Runny noses are king around here, allergies take hold for many months and will not let go. I even seem to be prone to nasal infections, making my boogers not normal. Even then, I don’t go on antibiotics, I let it run its course and use a nasal flush. However, the media has a small hold on me and this man made flu has me a bit concerned. I am also glad none of us has had the flu shot so we are a bit more immune to this one-I hope.
This may actually be a time when I won’t wait to see a fever break, not because of fear of death or sickness, but because I don’t want to get anyone else’s kids sick!


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